Avril Van Niekerk.

“Die oefening doen wonders. My cholesterol het verlaag en Defnitief my bloeddruk.. Het ook meer energie.” 💃💃💃

Alvana Tilling

“About two months after I joined the SASFA exercise classes, the pins and needles I experienced in my hands and feet were gone.”

Daphne Kriel

“Since joining the SASFA classes, I have experienced higher energy levels and normal blood pressure and enjoying the classes. Thanks Juliana for your time and allowing me to look forward to the sessions”💃💃💪😘🌹🌹

Lynelle Massey

“I’ve been attending classes for several years and find the exercise routine has benefitted my balance and abdominal strength enormously. No mirrors to watch yourself and no negative comments. We each do the best we can with the strength and mobility we have. Great music to help you keep the counts make it an enjoyable and manageable workout. Highly recommended! 

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