How SeniorFit60+ can change your life

Social issues can have a significant impact on life and both physical and mental health of seniors. Some of the major contributors to social and psychological problems for seniors are discussed below:

Loneliness from losing a spouse and friends

Being alone is not the same as loneliness. One can feel lonely in a room full of people.

At SeniorFit60+ we take that lonely feeling away. From the moment you walk in, you will meet a group of friendly, cheerful people and making friends is easier than you think.

Difficulty coping and accepting physical changes of aging

Change is inevitable, and as we get older it also become more obvious. We are no longer capable of doing the things we could when we were younger. At SeniorFit60+ we accept that. We know that. And we will never expect you to do something your body cannot do. If truth be told, we all have something we cannot do anymore. You are not alone.

Frustration with ongoing medical problems and increasing number of medications

Most people have a hobby. Some collect stamps. Others collect coins. But as we get older, most of us have one hobby. Collecting pills and capsules. But the reality is that most of these pills and capsules may not be needed if we change the way we do things. At SeniorFit60+ we offer an alternative lifestyle, by keeping your mind busy, your body active and your spirit in the clouds. While most doctors will tell you that ailments can be reduced by a healthy lifestyle, some of our members can actually prove it.

Social isolation as adult children are engaged in their own lives

If Moses does not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Moses. Or something like that. In a modern world where husband and wife both have to work to make ends meet, we often find ourselves alone and not seeing our children. Some might even make us feel like a burden. This feeling of not belonging or not being wanted is a major cause of depression. At SeniorFit60+ we offer you a place to belong to. You are part of a club. You are part of our gang. And we are pretty awesome!

Boredom from retirement and lack of routine activities.

If you are living alone, or in a retirement home and feeel the need to “get out and do something”, we can help you get your social life back in routine. At SeniorFit60+ we offer routine fitness classes in Parow and Bellville from 09:00 to 10:00. Just scroll down to the end of this screen for more information.

These factors can have a negative impact on overall health of an older individual. Addressing these psychosocial problems is an integral component of the fitness programs we offer at SeniorFit60+.